Our Woodgrain Hearts

Late one morning

Clouds come rolling by

You were by my side

Waiting to subside

You (I) sat breathless waiting for a man

I (you) could give a damn

Sitting, festered on my (your) plans

Though our hearts were weathered

They never moved an inch

Like the worn black leather

Of the jacket that I (you) kept

The photographs you’ve (I've) taken,

Sitting on the ledge

We were at our end.

That’s where we begin

First come daylight

You're (I'm) awake again

The pain is kicking in

You (I) feel the clench again.

My (your) time spent wasted

Trying to catch the wind

But she was only wind.

And I’m (you're) stuck with Jack and Jim

Though the rain fell violent

Thought to wash us of our sins

Like the blooms in springtime we bent to grow again

It was all so futile

It was crashing on our chests

And of the love we’ve burnt

We can smell the sweetness in.

In the wind swept fields

Where our love it first began

And of my (your) tightened throat

That whispered us to death. 

Crushed your (my) fragile heart

That caught the blunt of it

And all the pain that I've caused

You'll never feel again

We were at our end

And that's where we begin

Late one morning

Clouds come rolling by

My wife (husband) was by my side.