"The Wild Hunt a-Comin'"

Hello Hello! 

Hope everyone is doing wonderful!  Spring is finally here! It's warm most of the time!  The blooming buds' reproductive systems are slowly poisoning us all to death (or as most call it: "seasonal allergies")!  And we're all forced into a flourish of vernal cleaning!  Unless you're Kate Allivato...  then you live by the broom year-round. 

Moving on from our attempt at witty written eloquence (dang it!).  We're pretty pumped to say that we spent a weekend recording a couple new songs with David Arnold in Tennessee.  He and his wife are very welcoming, he has a great set up, great talent, some awesome cats, and we're really excited to be working with him again.  We will keep you updated on how the new project is going; You'll be the first to know when we release it!

In other news, here are our upcoming shows*:

4/27 - Winston-Salem, NC - Ziggy's - FCEA Showcase

5/03  - Winston-Salem, NC - b/Eats on the Street 

5/20 - Winston-Salem, NC - Krankies Werehouse w/ The Dawn Drapes

5/21 - Charlotte, NC - The Evening Muse - BOTB

5/31 - Durham, NC - Motorco - Catie King w/ The Genuine

*Check out our Tour page for more info & dates.

Until next time, sincerely, with love,

Kate, Gunnar, Devin, & Matthew xx

P.s.   The title of this love letter is a song lyric by The Tallest Man on Earth. We love him. Don't you?