Springtime Psych-Out

Hey guys!

Let's just be real, we all were hoping Punxsutawney Phil would not see his shadow this year, but alas, there's a light at the end of the tunnel!  We've been blessed with some pretty astounding days recently, so we took full advantage of our new-found revival (hey, that sounds like a band name! Hmm...) and made some videos!! Yes, videos!  Our goal is to make one new video each week so keep an eye out on our YouTube Channel by subscribing.

This spring, we have shows coming up all over NC & we continue to add more! Make sure you check out our tour page to see when we are playing near you.  We're playing from Durham to Bristol and everywhere in-between, including Phuzz Phest April 4-6! Also, we are very honored to be nominated for Best Local Original Band and Best New Band under YES! Weekly's Annual Triad's Best Awards!  Please click on the link here and vote for us, along with your other favorites in the Triad! 

Finally, after Spring comes Summer.  The time of freed inhibitions, no school, shorts, no school, concerts outside, vacation days (for the full timers), hiking, (did I say "no school"?), the list could go on.  To do this agreeable season justice we have some plans coming down the pipes that we think you guys will like.  We know we're excited!  So stay tuned!  

We will leave you with our first edition of Saturday Sessions from the Allivato home.  Enjoy!

The Genuine xx