"Blooms" out today!

The long awaited (at least for us) release day for our first full-length album entitled "Blooms" is finally upon us. Available on iTunes and Spotify for your listening pleasure. Excitingly, "Blooms" debuted at #61 on the iTunes Singer/ Songwriter charts and we couldn't be more humbled.

Also, a really really really big "thank you" to everyone who came out to show support for us at our release party on Friday and our in-store performance at Earshot Records on Saturday, we appreciate everything you do. Thank you to the people who made us a cake with our album cover, thank you to the people who stayed and talked to us after and especially thank you to everyone who has supported us and helped as grow. We literally can not explain how important you are. As sincerely as we can possibly say it, THANK YOU.

 - The Genuine (Matt, Kate, Gunnar, and Devin)